Important Information for Migraine Sufferers

Headaches, Headaches, Migraine, Migraines

Important Information for Migraine Sufferers

Headaches, Headaches, Migraine, Migraines No doubt about it, a migraine can be very debilitating. One in four households in American have a family member who suffers from migraines. Many will turn to medication to help with the pain. While medicine can help alleviate some pain during an attack, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to address the underlying cause and possibly eliminate future episodes? We will tell you just how to do that, but first, let’s look at some surprising facts about migraines. It is important to be aware of these if a person suffers from them.

  • People who have migraines are at an increased risk of having a stroke. Researchers are not sure why this is the case, but stroke and cardiovascular problems seem more prevalent in people with migraines. The risk becomes higher in women over age 35, those who experience aura before migraines, those using oral contraceptives, and those that smoke.
  • Injuries to the upper neck and head may be to blame for migraines. Dr. Seletz stated in the Journal of the American Medical Association that headaches are not in the head, but rather originate in the neck. Brainstem issues due to an upper neck injury can cause migraines.
  • Increase and decrease in stress can bring on a migraine. This is called a ‘let-down’ headache. Dr. Buse reports that people with migraines have a 20% higher risk of getting one if their mood suddenly changes from upset or nervous to elated and relaxed.

Migraine Help Is Available

As we mentioned earlier, addressing the underlying cause of migraines can help in the healing process. Upper cervical chiropractors focus their attention on the health of the vertebrae in the upper neck. If a misalignment is present here, it can be the reason for headaches. This is due to the pressure a misalignment puts on the brainstem, hindering blood and oxygen flow to and from the brain. Communication of the brain and body are also disrupted. All this leads to migraine headaches.

Once we correct these misalignments, many of our patients are pleased to report that their headaches have decreased in severity, and some have seen them disappear entirely.


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